Long Beach, California

Developed a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment workplan for a DTSC Voluntary Cleanup Program site impacted with chlorinated hydrocarbons from historical dry cleaning operations.  Implemented the workplan and prepared a subsequent PEA report.  Worked with DTSC to develop a Removal Action Workplan to remediate tetrachloroethylene (PCE) in soil vapor.  Managed implementation of soil vapor extraction pilot test and public notifications.

Los Angeles, California

Oversaw a Phase I ESA and subsequent Phase II assessment at a site historically occupied by an automotive repair facility, gasoline service station, and newspaper printing facility located within a Los Angeles methane zone.  Contaminants of concern included petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and lead.  Methane was not detected during assessment activities.  Entered the property into the Voluntary Cleanup Program and worked with DTSC to develop a plan for additional assessment.

Chula Vista, California 

Conducted a Phase I ESA update prior to site redevelopment at a tow yard/former dairy farm.  Provided oversight during grading activities to direct removal of petroleum-hydrocarbon impacted soil.  Grading revealed the presence of a thin layer of non-native material in the northern portion of the site.  Grading in the southern portion revealed the presence of a 20-foot deep unidentified dump site with non-native material and large chunks of concrete.  Elevated concentrations of lead were present in soil.  Developed a site mitigation plan and entered the property into the Voluntary Assistance Program.  Oversaw remedial excavation, offsite disposal, and confirmation sampling.  Achieved case closure prior redevelopment as an office complex.


Downtown Los Angeles

Conducted a Phase I ESA for a 52-story Class A office tower in the historical Bunker Hill neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles.  Identified former parking garages with USTs; verified previous assessments and excavation were sufficient to rule out any current RECs.  Incorporated review of additional historical information beyond All Appropriate Inquiries requirements.


Downtown San Diego

Performed a Phase I ESA for a Class A office tower and parking structure in the Cortez Hill area of downtown San Diego.  Identified historical dry cleaning operations, printing facilities, automotive repair and gasoline service stations on the property.  Although a portion of the property had been excavated for the office tower, the parking garage with ground-floor retail were slab-on-grade, and constructed in the 1950s. Therefore, historical activities of concern onsite were identified as Recognized Environmental Conditions.

Miracle Mile Neighborhood, Los Angeles

Part of the Phase I ESA team for a 4,200-unit apartment complex in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles.  Over three days, conducted a site visit at the largest multi-family residential development west of the Mississippi.  Collaborated with report writers, providing a detailed site visit write-up and extensive photographs of the property.  Discovered records identifying former USTs in parking garages.   


Kearny Mesa, San Diego, California
Conducted a Freddie Mac Phase I ESA for a multi-family residential property in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego, California.  Identified the property as part of a former aerospace manufacturing facility with an open environmental case, although the site was not identified in the release database listings.  Observed a groundwater monitoring well at the subject property and conducted additional research to uncover all pertinent information and identified a potential vapor intrusion concern.

Historical Orange Grove, Woodland Hills, California

Prepared a Phase I ESA for the last remaining orange grove in the San Fernando Valley.  Reviewed historical information for the 14-acre ranch.  A foundation has since been created to protect the historical property from development.


Palm Tree Farm, Carlsbad, California
Conducted a Phase I ESA for a palm tree farm slated for residential development.  Previous reports identified organochlorine pesticides in soil, however the extent of impact was not defined.  Conducted additional Phase II sampling.  Identified a former UST during the Phase I process and conducted soil sampling to confirm no impacts were present.

Los Angeles Charter School

Conducted a Phase II environmental site assessment for a charter high school  in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles to evaluate for potential contamination due to the presence of automotive repair facility at an adjoining property.  Additionally, methane sampling was conducted due to the school’s location within a methane zone.  Soil and soil vapor sampling were conducted.


Oversaw Phase I and Phase II ESAs  in conformance with the requirements of LAUSD.  Soil sampling was conducted to evaluate for the presence of lead resulting from lead-based paint used on the exterior of buildings; arsenic historically used for weed control; and organochlorine pesticides used as termiticides. Completed the California Department of Education (CDE) checklist.

Oxnard USD

Oversaw Phase I and Phase II ESAs and CDE checklist completion; managed soil excavation and disposal.

Los Angeles, California

Prepared a Phase I ESA for a 23-story, 393-room hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  The site was originally part of a large redevelopment project which included an additional hotel, retail, and sports/entertainment venue.  Extensive environmental assessment was conducted during redevelopment which required review during the Phase I ESA process.  Identified nearby release cases and conducted extensive LARWQCB review of nearby sites to confirm adequate assessment and remediation had occurred and that no vapor intrusion concerns existed for the subject property.


San Diego, California

Provided oversight during reconstruction activities at a hotel on the San Diego Harbor.  The site had a closed LUST case which required additional sampling in the case of redevelopment.  Participated in developing and implementing a site mitigation plan for sampling and management of contaminated soil.  During the course of redevelopment burn ash was encountered, as well as impacts from a leaking elevator.  Impacted soil was removed from the site under manifest.  Assisted with preparation of the closure report.

Rancho Santa Fe, California

​Prepared a Phase I ESA for an historic hotel and associated residential rental properties.  

Light rail project, San Diego

Part of a team evaluating potential impacts from nearby release sites along a rail corridor.  Reviewed a previous Phase I ESA report to determine if adjacent release sites would have migrated onto the railroad property. Evaluated soil for the presence aerially-deposited lead, as well as arsenic historically applied for weed control, prior to start of construction activities. 


Transit Corridor Environmental Study, Los Angeles

Part of a team developing a hazardous materials impact analysis.  Developed a methane evaluation and mitigation plan for tunnel sections crossing methane zones in the City of Los Angeles.


San Diego, California

Part of a team conducting a Phase I ESA on a large property occupied by an entertainment and sports venue.  The property was historically occupied by a  World War II-era housing complex and is surrounded by multiple release sites.  Conducted the site visit and evaluated potential historical and offsite environmental concerns.  Identified numerous RECs and assisted with developing Phase II scope of work.



Huntington Beach, California

Conducted Phase I and Phase II ESAs for a property in Huntington Beach slated for residential development. Identified multiple former oil wells which would require re-abandonment due to changes in regulations prior to development.  Conducted soil and soil vapor sampling and evaluated the property for the presence of methane.  

Newhall, California

Conducted a Phase I site visit on an oil field.  Documented locations and conditions of pump jacks, piping, and ASTs. 




Inglewood, California

Prepared a Phase I ESA report for a large retail property, including a strip mall, office building, and fast food restaurant. A former gasoline service station with a leaking underground storage tank had been present at the location of the fast food restaurant.  Reviewed data and determined that the case had been properly evaluated and mitigated. Identified a former dry cleaning operation and reviewed documentation for prior assessment and remediation activities.  Determined that  he dry cleaning facility remained a REC due to lack of complete assessment. 

Silverlake, Los Angeles, California

Prepared a Phase I ESA Report for a discount retail property in the Silverlake area of the City of Los Angeles.  The Phase I identified a previously unknown gasoline service station.  Developed Phase II scope of work, including a geophysical survey to determine if USTs remained in the ground, and soil and soil vapor sampling.



Los Angeles County, California

Managed a portfolio of LUST sites throughout Los Angeles.  Oversaw Phase II environmental site assessments, groundwater monitoring, and remediation.  

Southern California and Tucson, Arizona

Managed a portfolio of environmental due diligence gasoline service station projects throughout southern California and in Tucson.  Conducted Phase I/Phase II environmental site assessments at service stations, many of which included automotive repair and car washes.  Evaluated subsurface conditions at the USTs, product piping, dispenser islands, hydraulic lifts, oil/water separators, and clarifiers.  



Encinitas, California

Under the direction of the San Diego County DEH and Encinitas Fire Department, oversaw the removal and confirmation sampling of a previously unidentified UST discovered during redevelopment activities along Highway 101.  


Pasadena, California

Reviewed all environmental reports previously prepared for a State Response site.  The property was a World War II-era military laboratory tasked with the development of torpedoes.  Multiple buildings with a variety of historical uses were present.  Soil, groundwater, and soil vapor impacts were identified.  The site was slated for redevelopment as a multi-family residential development.  Reviewed remediation plans to determine if adequate; developed mitigation measures for EIR.  Attended planning commission meetings to address hazards mitigation for the site.  

Burbank, California

Reviewed all environmental data and developed summary document for a former industrial property impacted with chromium, TCE, and PCE slated for redevelopment as a multi-family residential development, hotel, parking structure, and retail facility.   Drafted the Hazards and Hazardous Materials section of the environmental impact report for the property, including mitigation measures.